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03:24am 25/10/2007
  I cant sleep.  For some reason I remembered I have a livejournal.  I cant stop laughing while I type this.  Oh well.  My last post was in 2005.

I am working on a new way of living.  I really hope I get this garage space.  It could be the start of a beautiful thing.
02:07pm 27/07/2005
  Random Thought #5

I love that my college ID doesn't have a date on it. I plan on using it to save money on movies for the next 5 years.
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07:24pm 26/07/2005
  Random Thought #4

I'd probably be rich if I gave up eating.
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12:45pm 20/07/2005
  Random Thought #3

I need some friends to start getting married, cause weddings are fun.

Or I need to be some peoples dates their friends weddings. If you are getting married or have friends who are and need a date let me know.
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11:35pm 21/06/2005
  Random thought #2:

It doesnt take much to make me extremely happy. Or atleast smiley.

....and i just killed a mosquito.
12:51am 18/06/2005
  I should delete this thing already. Instead I am going to use it for extremely random thoughts. Let's start:

It would be really weird if i had a sister.
02:05am 05/06/2005
  It's a beautiful night. I think I am going to sleep outside. Let's hope i dont get rained on.  
Snip snip   
07:58pm 28/05/2005
  Anyone wanna cut my hair right now, and by cut I mean thin?

07:32pm 25/05/2005
  God Bless Summer.

I've been doing some sweet road bike rides.

7 miles sunday.
8 miles yesterday.
5 miles today.

Then I came home and played tennis for 2 hours.

I still have so much energy.

I think I am going to go do some push-ups or something.

Let's dance.
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01:04pm 17/05/2005
  Well I am avoiding doing laundry so i will let you all in to the wonderful world of Thomas Wayne Erst.

I graduated on Saturday. Not nearly as exciting as it should have been.

Living arrangements fell through. I was supposed to live with Rocio and Kelly, but Rocio's mom doesn't want her living with a guy, and since she owns the building she kind of has the final say in that.

On that note, I am once again looking for roommates. The sooner the better. I am sick of not having a room and sleeping on a couch.

I got a HUGE raise at work. I am now way overpaid to put clothes away all day. I can expect and even bigger raise when I become a manager. How did I manage to trick these people into thinking I am worth this much?

I've been bro'in it up with my real brothers a lot since I came home. They are awesome. I couldn't be prouder of them. We are making Erst Boys t-shirts. You should buy some.

Growing up kind of sucks. I don't like dealing with filling out insurance papers, and having all these bills to pay.

I'm still looking for a rich 35 year old business executive women to become my sugar momma. Inquiries apply within.

Erst Boy T-shirtsCollapse )

I will now proceed to make myself a pizza.

Good-bye for another month or so lj.
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06:24pm 22/04/2005
  dear diary,
my penis is pussy right now, i had a crazy night.. its really a bummer. I need to get some sick sweet tats, and fast. thats all for now
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09:59pm 14/04/2005

So the 10 o'clock show is sold out, and I have to work till 9 and cant go to the 7. If anyone has an extra ticket I will pay top dollar. I was stupid and dint go last time, I need so see them this time. I need to go.



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03:48pm 07/04/2005
  So I have been seriously thinking that being a bellboy is a career path that I really want to look into. Does anyone have any experience with this or know anyone that does that could make any suggestions.

Here are my top three reasons I want to become a bellboy.

1) sweet suit and hat
2) I once met a bellboy in a hotel in Columbus, OH that told me he made 60 grand a year.
3) I think it would greatly increase my chance of meeting a rich 35 year old women business exec to be my sugar momma.

I really am not seeing any minus's here. Let me know what you think.
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11:56pm 06/04/2005
  The last month or so of my life has been pretty much awesome. I can't think of too many times where I have been much happier. I have probably been pushing aside somethings that I should be taking care of, but oh well. You only live once.

Here is a list of awesome things that have been going on followed by some pics to show you jus how awesome they are.

-nice weather
-polaroid cameras
-brother staying with you for a week
-screaming jimmy eat world on the way to chicago, while you try and get sororisluts to sing along with you
-belt slapping
-wiffle ball
-getting the highest raise out of any associates at my store

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10:29pm 03/04/2005
  Updating livejournal is so much work.

maybe later.
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I just saw a guy kick a chicken.   
12:57pm 21/03/2005
  My horoscope today said the next few weeks will be great for romance, games, and children. I dont know how I feel about romance and children being included together. Here's to hoping I don't get anyone knocked up this week.

Jimbo's g/f is staying with us for a couple days. Does this mean I actually have to wear clothes all day?

Memphis was pretty awesome. I took way too many pictures. I'm sure I will make a post dedicated to it soon enough.

Only in Memphis.
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07:47pm 16/03/2005
  LOOK OUT MEMPHIS HEARTBREAKERZ (that's james and myself for you assholes) IS IT ON IT'S WAY!!!!!!!!!!  
Ihere comes the new stylish creep....on repeat.   
12:33pm 11/03/2005
  Spring break 2k5 bitches.

Forecast for Memphis, TN

Thursday March 17th high 67

Friday March 18th high 61

Saturday March 19th high 63

Sunday March 20th high 64

Sunny and clear.

Elvis here we come.

Everyone should come visit me at work over the next week.

friday 2- close
sat 10 -7
sun off
mon 2 - close
tues 10 - 7
wed 10 - 7

Then hang out with me afterwards.

I want to see everyone over break.

spread the love spring break style bitches.

08:08pm 03/03/2005
  John Ugolini (sp?) just howed up at my house at told me that as of 40 minutes ago:


I dont know the exact details but he told me the show has been moved to 132 harrison for tonight. There is still hope for the rodeo but it isnt sounding good.

Spread the word, thanks.
11:58am 01/03/2005
  So recently I've heard two interesting statistics.

A) Black women and asian man are the least married groups of people.

B) A woman chances of getting married drops 40% for every 16 point jump in her IQ.

I find this extremely odd, because I would love to be married to an extremely intelligent black woman, especailly if she made lots of money and let me stay home and play mr. dad.

Just a thought...
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